START/PACOM Regional Node for Wetlands and Coastal Zone Management

A water bird feeding from a wetland

Wetland ecosystem
Wetland ecosystem

Implementation period:  Oct. 2005-Sep. 2007

Donor:  International START Secretariat

Brief Description of Project Objectives and Achievements

The main aim of the project was to support the Centre of African Wetlands to establish a regional node for wetlands in Africa under the START/PACOM in order to create the necessary structures and capacity to promote understanding of the implications of global change on wetland and coastal ecosystems. The project achieved three main outputs, namely:

  • development of a participatory framework for identifying and consolidating regional networks of experts, practitioners, decision makers and other stakeholders
  • enhanced capacity for wetland management and research at regional levels
  • increased awareness of the importance and values of wetlands among decision makers and other stakeholders at regional levels.